I consider Italy the most beautiful country in the world! In fact, only here, traveling few kilometers, you can enjoy a great variety of incredible landscapes : from the brilliant colors of marine nature to the majestic mountains with breathtaking  panoramas .. from the green rice fields to the splendid lakes with their extraordinary charm.

The poet Eldar Ryazanov wrote “In nature there is no bad weather. Every time is a blessing!” and that’s right .. every landscape changes according to time always acquiring new nuances and charm

I  dedicated this small series of CHROMELUM paintings to Lake Maggiore, where I was so lucky  to spend a few days in Autumn and be enchanted by the mysterious magic of its mists and the multiple shades, contrasts and reflections that reveal themselves in the spectacle of sunrises and sunsets.




The serie  “THE SILENCES OF LAKE MAGGIORE” has been first presented at the international ART FAIR “ARTE PADOVA 2022”