My 3 artworks ( UNDER PRESSURE, LIVING IN EMOTION , ANOTHER MILAN) were be presented at the  great exhibition of ITALIAN ART  “ITALIART KREMLIN 2018” in Moscow, Russia.

The first edition of ITALIART KREMLIN turned out to be a real success as vast as it was unexpected, not only for the amount of public that participated in the event since the vernissage with more than 250 appearances, but also for the artistic and cultural resonance acquired during the entire week of exposure such as to make ITALIART KREMLIN an event “not to be missed” also for important critics and collectors of the capital (and not only).

For the first time, the elegant walls of the historic state museum Vernadsky have framed a kermis of rigorously Made in Italy styles and trends; a pictorial orchestra of 25 elements that directed by the curator Van Holsten managed to intone the most unusual chromatic arias, transporting the visitor into a very original world of colors and emotions. 80 Artistic works, different in techniques, styles and formats, have worthily filled the 400 square meters of exhibition offered by the majestic “White Room”.


04-9-2018 / 09-9-2018


Vernadsky State Museum of Russian Academy of Sciences – Moscow, Russia