My 3 artworks (ANGEL OF THE VALLEY , BEYOND CLOUDS  , WATCH BEYOND were be presented at the exhibition of spiritual art  “VOX ANIMAE 2018“.

The second edition of Vox Anime 2018 held in Pavia, Italy, has once again shown how intense and significant the link that Art can establish between peoples.

Within the ancient walls of the S. Maria Gualtieri church, in the heart of the city of Pavia, it was possible to admire 80 works by Italian, Russian, French and Australian artists inspired by the theme of sacred and animist art. A remarkable variety of styles and techniques that has not failed to amaze the large Pavese public who, despite the very high and uncomfortable temperatures offered by this first summer weekend, decided to visit and admire the proposed review.


22-6-2018 / 24-6-2018


Church S. Maria Gualtieri – Pavia, Italy