I believe that every artist is always “searching” … not only for inspiration, but also for a better way to express themselves.

So I created a new series of “bright” works given the particular brilliance of the background aimed at giving the painting a new energy. I developed my signature technique which I called CHROMELUM intended as the release of the “colour light source”.

The idea is inspired by the phenomenon called “metamerism” whereby the same colour, based on the lighting and the angle of observation, can appear in different shades  to the eye of the observer ..

Taking advantage of this principle, with my particular technique, depending on the light and the angle with which you will see my works, the tones and intensity of the chromatic nuances will change.

If the beauty of the work has a fundamental function in today’s interiors, I also wanted to think about its naturalness in the human eye.




The example of artworks CHROMELUM  has been first presented at the international ART FAIR “ARTE PADOVA 2021”