IVANKA ART Summer Studio Location


Ivanka can be considered an artist of the world: her studies at the Academy of Beautiful Arts in Paris and Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, having lived in several European countries including Italy where she was the last pupil of the famous Master  Alessandra Rossetti. The artist talks little about herself and her art as she says “Art is the diary of visual and emotional sensationsand cannot be explained. In the absence of understanding of the viewer, no artistic merit candescribe the inner world and personal perception.”

Ivanka’s artworks are characterized by a particularexpertise and ability to use oil colors in various pictorial styles (pointism, hyperrealism, figurative art and impressionism) that she cleverly ‘mixes’ inside  the same painting. Her works, always full of details illustrated with great precision, reveal a strong and compelling chromatic sensitivity that is always impressive almost as opposed to the choice of small formats that the artist often prefers. Despite her young age (class 1981) and a voluntarily limited presence on the art market, the artisthas long been known to many collectors and art lovers as much as her  works are often included in important private collections.

Ivanka’s works have received several prizes and international awards and have been exhibited in a wide number of exhibitions and Art Fairs in Italy, Russia, Austria and France; among the the most important the Pierre Cardin Gallery (France), The Vernadsky State Museum (Moscow, Russia), The 5th Moscow Biennale, Art Padua International Art Fair etc.

Nowadays Ivanka lives and works in a beautiful medieval village close to Monte Rosa in the Italian Alps.